Lucas Petrie, BA

Database Coordinator

Office: 417-269-3854

Congratulations to Lucas Petrie, March Core Value Awardee! Lucas has worked tirelessly to resolve the cash register issues in the Store and has displayed a “student first” attitude and approach throughout the process. He worked for days with various MBS technical staff on the register issue, patiently trying all their suggestions to solve the problem, plus suggesting and trying his own ideas. Throughout the process he maintained a professional, patient, and kind attitude toward the staff in the Store and has kept us all up to date on the progress.

In the end, if it were not for Lucas, the Store would not have had a working register on January 20th. He stayed late past midnight on January 19th to install the temporary register we had just obtained from MBS that very evening.

Thanks to Lucas’ hard work, the Store had a functioning register on that Friday, as was better able to serve the Store’s customers, including the many students who were buying skills kits, scrubs, and general supplies for their first week of classes.