Computer Resources

Course IDCourse NameCourseCategoryCredit Hours
INFM 160 Computer Resources COMPUTER SCIENCEGeneral Education1

Presents the microcomputer as a personal productivity tool. Practical applications of software are taught.

Students enrolled in INFM 160 (Computer Resources) may earn full course credit by receiving a passing grade on the INFM 160 Proficiency Exam. Only students registered for INFM 160 are allowed to take the proficiency examination. Students will register and pay a $75.00 fee for the proficiency exam. Students will register for a testing date at the time of registration. Students may take the exam only once. The exam is graded as pass/fail, with passing being defined as an overall score of 75% or above. If a student does not achieve a passing score, the $75.00 fee will be applied toward tuition for enrollment in INFM 160. The student’s academic record is not affected, and enrollment in INFM 160 will continue.