Introduction to Nutrition Diagnostics & Nutrition Assessment

Course IDCourse NameCourseCategoryCredit Hours
MND 504 Introduction to Nutrition Diagnostics & Nutrition Assessment Master of Science in Nutrition Diagnostics/Dietetic InternshipNursing2

Introductory clinical reasoning and judgment to integrate nutrition diagnosing and assessment into Kight’s Nutrition Care Process. Discussion, case studies, literature review and small group work are the basis for providing the background in using diagnostic codes, writing diagnostic statements, incorporation of the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam, and use of the Nutriokinetic/Nutriokinetic modeling.  Nutrition assessment will be reviewed in the context of the NCP, with focus on the 5 axes of evidence, the impact of disease on nutritional status, as well as the states of starvation, malnutrition and stress and/or inflammation.