Medical Assisting Practicum

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Prerequisites: MACC 100, MACC 101, MACC 105, MACC 110, MACC 111, MACC 220 MACC 221, MACC 222, MACC 223, MACC 321, MACC 322, MACC 323, MACC 324,  MACC 325, MACC 326, MACC 421.   This is a 5-credit hour (225 contact hours) practicum course. The Medical Assisting Practicum is an unpaid experience. This course offers administrative and clinical experiences as an entry-level medical assistant.  It prepares the student to transition from the classroom environment into the professional environment.  It also provides an opportunity for the student to integrate theory and practice while working in an ambulatory care facility. The student will have the opportunity to apply and solidify the skills previously discussed and practiced in class. The student will be asked to perform tasks that are carefully defined and appropriate to his/her abilities. Students will also receive feedback about their performance. The course consists of approximately 30 hours of orientation and procedure practice/review before the student is allowed to start at the ambulatory care facility There will be no less than 160 hours of administrative and clinical experiences at an appropriate and approved ambulatory care facility. Approximately 35 hours will be dedicated to weekly practicum conferences, meetings with faculty, comprehensive view of employability traits and skills, job preparation skills, and an exit interview.