General Education

Course IDCourse NameCourseCategoryCredit Hours
BIOL 100Foundations of ScienceBiologyGeneral Education3
BIOL 205Human AnatomyBiologyGeneral Education4
BIOL 206 Human Physiology BiologyGeneral Education4
BIOL 207Anatomy & Physiology RefresherBiologyGeneral Education2
BIOL 208 Microbiology BiologyGeneral Education4
BIOL 302 Principles of Human NutritionBiologyGeneral Education3
BIOL 382Pathophysiology BiologyGeneral Education3
CCPL 100 Promoting Learning and Ultimate Success GENERAL STUDIES General Education1
CHEM 103Fundamentals of Chemistry ChemistryGeneral Education4
ENGL 101Fundamentals of English ENGLISHGeneral Education3
ENGL 150 English Composition ENGLISHGeneral Education3
ENGL 207Expository WritingENGLISHGeneral Education3
GOVT 101 Government and Politics in the United States SOCIAL SCIENCESGeneral Education3
HUMN 150 Fine Art/ Humanities Elective HUMANITIES General Education3
INFM 160 Computer Resources COMPUTER SCIENCEGeneral Education1
MATH 100Beginning Algebra MATHEMATICSGeneral Education3
MATH 150 Intermediate Algebra MATHEMATICSGeneral Education3
MATH 227Introduction to Statistics MATHEMATICSGeneral Education3
PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy PHILOSOPHY General Education3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology PSYCHOLOGYGeneral Education3
PSYC 230 Life-span Development PSYCHOLOGYGeneral Education3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology SOCIOLOGYGeneral Education3
SOCI 304 Global Awareness and Cultural Diversity SOCIOLOGYGeneral Education3
SPAN 101Spanish for Health Care WorkersSPANISH General Education3