The BSDI Interprofessional Leadership (IPL) specialty is designed for students with a background in Diagnostic Imaging seeking healthcare leadership training. Admission to this track requires primary ARRT or ARDMS credentials. Much of the core curriculum and general education requirements closely resemble the requirements of the other BSDI specialty tracks.



The BSDI-IPL specialty track provides interprofessional leadership skills to students from a diagnostic imaging background. Students earning the BSDI-IPL degree should leave this program with a working knowledge of the many facets of healthcare delivery systems, interdepartmental relationships, and the special management skills necessary to lead these diverse organizations.

To this end, the curriculum for the BSDI-IPL specialty includes a collection of courses and educators from several healthcare professions, including: billing and coding, radiography, specialty diagnostic imaging, medical assisting, nursing, nursing education, and nurse management.


Program Admission

To be eligible for admission into the BSDI Interprofessional Leadership, a candidate must meet the following conditions:

  • Complete the admissions procedure for Cox College.
  • Download and submit the Specialty Diagnostic Imaging program application.
    • IPL specialty students may enter the program in any semester. Applications due April 30 or November 15.
    • Application to the BSDI requires submission of all college transcripts and a current ARRT/ARDMS card.
  • Successful completion of Associate of Science in Radiography (ASR) or related field (contact college for details).
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in an imaging program or related degree.
  • ARRT primary registry complete prior to entry into the BSDI program.

Tuition and Fees

Beginning Fall 2013 all specialty imaging programs are offered through the Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging (BSDI) degree program.  Current tuition and fees information is available here.  For additional tuition pricing and scholarship information, please contact the Bursar’s office.


Program Contacts

Michelle Masengill, M.Ed.

Chair & Assistant Professor

Office: 417-269-3063

Joelene Powell, MOL

Assistant Professor

Office: 417-269-8669

Tad Morris, MS

Assistant Professor

Office: 417-269-1074