IMG_1622The Cox College MND/DI cohort program is designed for students to experience the supervised practice experiences and graduate courses as a community of learners.  The support gained by these experiences leads to academic success, as well as higher retention/increased likelihood of program completion.  The cohort of students will start at the same time and graduate at the same time, completing requirements for supervised practice and the graduate program in a two year time frame.  At that time, all students will receive the AND Verification Statement (indicating eligibility to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians) and the Master’s degree in Nutrition Diagnostics.

All students will take the same courses at the same time, as well as complete the supervised practice rotations in the same time frame.  The only exception is the ability to transfer graduate credits for MND 523 and MND/MSN 525.  Cohort status will be lost if the student drops out or does not maintain a “B” average. The student may be given the option to restart as a student in the next cohort.

The curriculum, including supervised practice experiences and graduate coursework is outlined for the entire two year time frame, including two summers. Cost for the program is calculated on a yearly tuition and fees basis.