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Learn more about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) provides incredible images of the human body using magnetic fields and radio waves. An MRI technologist is an expert in high-definition brain and spinal imaging. MRI is also the exam of choice for complete stroke evaluation, muscle and joint imaging, many kinds of cancer, and is quickly becoming a valuable tool in women’s health and breast imaging.


Program Description

Enjoy the flexibility of online learning! The Cox College MRI Program is completed online in 9 months over just two semesters. Students are prepared for the ARRT registry in MRI. All courses in the MRI program will be transferred to the Cox College Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging degree program. All students entering the MRI program receive up to 64 transfer credits toward the BSDI and 24-27 credit hours for completing the program. After passing the ARRT registry examination in MRI, a total of 90 credit hours are applied to the BSDI degree program.

The program is designed to meet the specific needs of all prospective students, including practicing technologists.

  • All MRI courses may be applied towards ARRT continuing education requirements (48 C.E.’s per 3 credit hour course)
  • The program fulfills ARRT “structured education” requirements
  • Unregistered technologists practicing in MRI may opt out of the clinical components of the program and complete didactic-only courses in preparation for the MRI registry
  • An extensive MRI registry review course is available in the program


Clinical Sites

Students have availability of pre-arranged clinical sites in Missouri, or you may contact the program adviser ( with questions regarding alternative clinical sites outside of Missouri. MRI students opting to complete clinical rotations in Springfield will benefit from several available clinical sites and a variety of scanners. Our current clinical affiliates in Springfield provide training on the GE 3.0T Excite HD, GE 1.5T Excite HD, GE 1.5 T 450 Discovery, GE 1.5T, GE Open Speed .7T, and Siemens 1.5T Avanto.


Application and Admissions

Admission Deadline: April 1st
Interviews: April 1st – April 15th
Decisions Mailed: April 15th – April 30th

Primary Student Job Shadowing Deadline: March 15th


Applicants to the MRI program must have:

  • A minimum of an associate’s degree and/or be a registered radiologic technologists or registry-eligible with successful completion of the ARRT radiologic technology registry prior to the program start date or unrestricted license.
  • Completed a minimum of 32 hours of job shadowing in an MRI department at any hospital with a job shadowing program (only required of Non-RTR applicants).  Job shadowing should be completed within one year of applying. Applicants should have the required job shadowing completed by March 1st.
  • Completed pre-requisite courses with a “C” or higher prior to the beginning of the MRI core curriculum:
    • College algebra, statistics, or higher mathematics course (3 credits)
    • General college level physics and/or radiographic physics (3-4 credits, recommended but not required)
    • Human Anatomy* (4 credits)
    • Human Physiology* (4 credits)
    • Medical Terminology (3 credits)
    • Oral or Written communications (3 credits)

*Core science pre-requisite courses must be taken within 5 years prior to admission to the MRI primary pathway.  Exceptions may be made for applicants currently employed in an allied health profession.


To apply to the Cox College MRI Program, the applicant must:

  • Complete the Cox College undergraduate application and check “Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging”
  • Download and submit the Specialty Diagnostic Imaging program application
  • Download and submit the MRI Applicant Safety Form
  • Download and submit the Clinical Affiliate Request form if requesting a clinical site outside of the CoxHealth system
  • Download and submit the Job Shadowing Form documenting 32 hours of job shadowing (only required of Non-RTR applicants). To schedule your job shadowing experience please visit this link
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA in an imaging program or academic degree.
  • Be a registered radiologic technologist or registry-eligible with successful completion of the ARRT radiologic technology registry prior to the program start date or unrestricted license.
  • Refer to the program application for additional documents required


Tuition and Fees

Beginning Fall 2013 all specialty imaging programs are offered through the Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging (BSDI) degree program.  Current tuition and fees information is available here. For additional tuition pricing and scholarship information, please contact the Bursar’s office.


Program Contacts

Michelle Masengill, M.Ed.

Chair & Assistant Professor

Ph: (417) 269-3063 / Rm: 339

Joelene Powell, MOL

Assistant Professor

Ph: 417-269-8669 / Rm: 337

Tad Morris, MS

Assistant Professor

Office: (417) 269-1074 / Rm: 335