Apply for the RN to BSN program at Cox College.

If you have already been accepted to Cox College and would like to apply for this program, you can access the application in the Student Resources section of the Student Portal. If you have not yet applied to Cox College, click the button below.

RN to BSN Completion Program Requirements

The RN to BSN Completion program provides a baccalaureate degree in nursing for registered nurses with a regionally accredited diploma or an associate degree in nursing. The RN to BSN program requires completion of 120 credit hours. Of these, 70 credit hours are awarded for the prior diploma or associate degree in nursing, and 50 credit hours are required for completion with the RN to BSN Completion program. If you are a CoxHealth RN you are eligible for a 20% discount on tuition.

24 Credit Hours

RN-BSN/MSN General Education Requirements

  • BIOL 382 Pathophysiology
  • ENGL 207 Expository Writing
  • GOVT 101 Government and Politics in the United States
  • HUMN 150 Humanities Elective
  • MTH 150 Intermediate Algebra
  • MTH 227 Introduction to Statistics
  • PSYC 230 Life Span Development
  • SOCI 304 Global Awareness and Cultural Diversity

General Education Requirements do not have to be completed to start the program

34 Credit Hours

  • NRNC 300 Nursing Informatics
  • NRNC 312 Health Assessment RN to BSN
  • NRNC 400 Theories and Research in Nursing
  • NRNC 402 Management and Leadership in Nursing
  • NRNC 404 Community and Public Health Nursing
  • NRNC 406 Trends, Issues, and Ethics in Nursing
  • NRNC 412 Professional Role Transition
  • NRNC  390 Nursing Electives (12 credit hours)
  • NRNC 390 or MSN core courses with approval

Graduation Requirements

After enrollment in the nursing program, it is recommended that students take at least one nursing course each semester. Degree requirements must be met within five years of entry into the nursing program. Every candidate for a degree is responsible for meeting all the requirements for graduation. The responsibility for understanding and meeting graduation requirements rests entirely with the student. The degree requires:

  • Satisfactory completion (C or better) of all specified courses in the curriculum plan
  • Completion of 400-level nursing courses with a minimum of 30 credit hours granted by Cox College for each BSN option
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale on completion of required courses for all the nursing program
  • Completion of all nursing courses within 5 years of admission to the nursing program


Application and Admission

Students may start the program at the beginning of any of the 8-week blocks.


Program Contacts

Lisa McClure – Program Advisor
(417) 269-8481

Admissions Department
(417) 269-3401