Tuition: First year of MND/DI – 21 credits (1 credit in intercession, 11 credits in fall and 9 credits in spring) * $11,025
Tuition: Second year of MND/DI – 23 credits (5 credits in summer, 9 credits in fall and 9 credits in spring)* $12,075
Cox College application fee $50
AND DICAS application fee $40 for first application ($20/each after)
D & D matching fee $50
Program acceptance, drug test/criminal background fee $175
Technology fee $150/semester/term
Student Services fee $50/credit hour
Lab fee $150 per course
Course transfer evaluation fee $50 per course
Fitness Center fee $25/semester
Student Government Association fee $10/semester
Graduation Fee $150
Other expenses & approximate costs*
Mendeley $45/year
Lab coats $40/varies
Magnifier $125
Textbooks $50-400/semester
Housing $300-400/month
Transportation Varies
AND student member fee $58
Total for 2 year program:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Additional costs (includes estimated living costs)
  • Total estimated costs (varies given above)
  • $27,450
  •   $9,300
  • $36,750

*Expenses listed are not an official quote and are provided as a guide only.