Is the Covid-19 vaccination required at CoxHealth?

CoxHealth has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy as a key part of our overall strategy and commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.  CoxHealth requires that all employees and individuals entering the workplace get vaccinated against Covid-19 and show proof of an FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccination.

Is the COVID-19 vaccination required at Cox College?

The COVID-19 vaccination is not required to attend Cox College, however hospitals, clinics, and health systems (Mercy, Jordan Valley, CoxHealth etc.) now require the COVID-19 vaccination for students who wish to participate in clinical experiences.

Please note, not having your vaccination for a required clinical site and rotation can delay your class progression as well as your ability to finish your program of study and graduate from Cox College.  Clinical sites can require vaccination for participation at any time during your program of study. Cox College is under no obligation to find you alternative clinical placements.

I am vaccinated, where do I upload my proof of vaccination?

Students should upload a copy of their vaccination card by January 31st, 2022 to the designated clinical course in Canvas.  Faculty will direct student’s attention to where to find the Canvas assignment designated for vaccination cards in their Canvas course.

I am not vaccinated. Can I apply for a medical or religious exemption from the vaccine?

Students should not assume their assigned clinical site will offer medical or religious exemption.  Many clinical sites do not offer exemptions to students. Cox College does not have the authority to make a clinical site offer medical or religious exemptions to students.

What if my assigned clinical site does not offer medical or religious exemptions to students? Will Cox College find me another clinical rotation?

Clinical rotations are limited and must meet course objectives and requirements.  Cox College is under no obligation to find alternative clinical placements based upon vaccination preference.

Does CoxHealth offer medical or religious exemptions?

At this time, CoxHealth is offering students the opportunity to apply for medical or religious exemptions. Students should not assume a medical or religious exemption will be granted

CoxHealth Medical Exemption forms A&B can be found on the student portal.  Complete forms should be sent to

CoxHealth Religious Exemption forms can be found on the student portal.  Completed forms and should be sent to

If an exemption is granted by CoxHealth, students will be required to undergo weekly COVID-19testing. Testing will be at the student’s expense, unless the student uses a CoxHealth lab.  There is no charge to students who use a CoxHealth Lab for weekly testing.

I received a medical exemption or deferral, or a religious exemption, from CoxHealth, and I have to be tested weekly, how does that work?   

Students approved for religious or medical exemption or temporary deferral (for pregnancy or recent COVID-19 diagnosis) will need to test weekly.  Exempted students will be notified by CoxHealth Human Resources via email and by letter of their testing accommodation, and they will receive a weekly testing kit from their Program Chair with additional instructions and test site locations for the weekly testing process.

Students who choose to test at a CoxHealth Lab will not be charged for weekly testing.  Students who choose a testing facility outside of CoxHealth will be responsible for the cost of the required weekly COVID-19 test.

Why do I have so many test labels at once?

Approved exempted students will receive a testing packet from their program chair with an advance 3-month supply of bar coded encounter test labels to affix to your specimen container you will receive at the test site. You will automatically receive a new 3-month supply of labels toward the end of the three month period.

When should I get my weekly COVID-19 test?

You should complete your weekly COVID-19 test at least 24 hours before your clinical rotation. Please review the weekly testing location and hours in advance of your clinical rotation, to determine whether you need to complete your test at a specific time frame.  Students who do not provide weekly proof of a negative COVID-19 d test will not be allowed to attend clinical rotations.

Is the COVID-19 test administered to me by a clinical provider, or self-collected?

Currently, CoxHealth is able to complete the weekly COVID-19 testing through saliva samples, which you will self-collect at one of many approved locations.

How will I get my weekly COVID-19 test results from CoxHealth?

If your COVID-19 test comes back negative, you will receive a text message and automated phone call notifying you of your result. If your test result is positive, the COVID-19 exposure team will notify you of the positive result and next steps. If you test positive for COVID-19 please notify your course faculty and program chair.

If I test positive for COVID-19, do I still test weekly?

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will not be tested for COVID-19 for 120 days if you are asymptomatic. You will not need to complete your weekly COVID-19 test for 120 days unless you have symptoms

What happens if I decide to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

You will be required to test until fully vaccinated (14 days post 2nd dose of mRNA vaccines or 14 days post first dose of J&J vaccine.) Once you are fully vaccinated, you will no longer be required to test weekly. If you receive your vaccine please notify you’re your faculty and program chair and upload proof of your vaccination to the Canvas assignment designated for vaccination cards in their Canvas course.