Contact information for Cox College staff

Even though Cox College is closed, we are still working to help you achieve your dreams!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation we have elected to extend the application deadline for the BSDI program to May 1st, 2020.

We are also extending our nursing program acceptance deadline to May 1st as well.

Our staff and faculty are working from home and can be reached by email or phone.

Admissions Counselor – Recruiters

Any admissions emails can be sent to

Jon Cooley 417-269-3402

Monica Lewin 417-269-3038

Allison Rainey 417-269-3667


Flora Forbes ( 417-269-3083

Vanessa Lippelman ( 417-269-3081

Lisa McClure ( 417-269-8481


Lianna Marshall ( 417-269-3440

Financial Aid

Any Financial Aid emails can be sent to

Steve Nichols (Financial Aid Director) 417-269-3045

Angela Duvall 417-269-3008

Tina Neff 417-269-3458

Leesa Taylor 417-269-3160


Connie Cross ( 417-269-3856

Elise Hege ( 417-269-8374


James Baker ( 417-269-3456

Kyle DeVries ( 417-269-3472