An American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center (TC) since 1997, the CoxHealth Training Center has trained over 250,000 students in life support programming. You can be sure you are receiving the finest AHA program delivery as several of our instructors have been recognized statewide for training excellence. We are home to several AHA Regional Faculty which are elected at the state level as experts in their area of life support.

We offer a variety of programs from the AHA and the American Academy of Pediatrics. When you are looking to update your professional skills or want to be prepared for an emergency our programs make it easy to stay on top of the latest life saving information.

Many of our programs are offered via two methods:

Classroom-based courses require the student be present in class with an instructor directing the cognitive portions and skills testing.  Classroom-based courses teach skills with AHA’s research-proven Practice-While-Watching (PWW) technique. This allows instructors to observe students, provide feedback and guide each student as needed.

Web-based or eLearning courses require the student to complete cognitive skills via web-based, self-paced modules. These courses utilize eSimulation technology which allows students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings.  The student then practices and completes live skills testing with an AHA Instructor.

Please click on each course below for more details and registration.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Healthcare Provider Courses
BLS Provider – Live Course
 (seated classroom)

Instructor Courses
BLS Instructor Initial Course
 (learn to teach healthcare & lay public level BLS; seated classroom and eLearning combo)
BLS and Heartsaver Instructor Renewal Course (for current CoxHealth Training Center affiliated BLS Instructors and Heartsaver Instructors needing to renew their instructorship; seated classroom)
Heartsaver Instructor Initial Course (learn to teach lay public level BLS; seated classroom and eLearning combo)

Lay Public Courses
Please contact Beth Keith,, if you would like to hold a lay public CPR class onsite at your location.

Hands Only CPR Video (not a course) – Click HERE to watch a short (1-2 minute) video on how to perform Hands Only CPR. It’s that simple to learn!

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Provider Courses
ACLS Provider Course (2 Day) (seated classroom)
ACLS Provider Update (Renewal) (seated classroom)
OB for the ACLS Provider (seated classroom) – Not an AHA Sponsored Course
ACLS Rhythms and Treatments (ACLS Prep Course)  (seated classroom) – Not an AHA Sponsored Course

Instructor Courses
ACLS Instructor Initial Course  (seated classroom and eLearning combo)
ACLS Instructor Renewal Course (seated classroom)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Provider Courses
PALS Provider Course (2-day) (seated classroom)
PALS Provider Update (Renewal) (seated classroom)

Instructor Courses

PALS Instructor Initial Course  (seated classroom)
PALS Instructor Renewal Course (seated classroom)

Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS)

PEARS Course (seated classroom)

Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (NRP)

AAP/AHA Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Program (NRP) (seated classroom and eLearning combo)