Medical Assisting Assessment Page

The Medical Assisting Program at Cox College measures both programmatic and general education outcomes. Students completing the Medical Assisting program are eligible to sit for the appropriate American Medical Technologists certification exam. The Medical Assisting Programmatic Outcomes are as follows:

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate general knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, human diseases, and
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills when working with patient, family members, and other health
  • Demonstrate competency in medical assisting administrative and clinical procedures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the importance personal and professional
  • Demonstrate job readiness by completing a resume and mock interview as well as successfully completion the medical assisting practicum.

Below is the Schedule of Assessment for the Medical Assisting Program.

General Education Outcomes

  1. Communication (C)
  2. Intellectual Awareness (IA)
  3. Lifelong Learning (LL)
  4. Philosophical &/or Ethical Perspectives (PE)
  5. Read with Comprehension (RC)
  6. Scientific Inquiry (SI)
  7. Think Critically (TC)