Kristen Williams, MS, RD, LD

Kristen Williams, MS, RD, LD

Chair & Associate Professor

Office: 417-269-3040

The MND/DI program director is Kristen Williams, MS, RD, LD who has been in dietetics practice since 1985.  She has been with Cox College since the inception of the Dietetic Internship in 2006 and was intimately involved in the planning of the program.  She has similar experience in planning and directing supervised practice programs, as she was the first director of the ARAMARK sponsored DI in Kansas City, MO in 1992.

She is uniquely qualified in the role as the MND/DI program director.  She completed a residency program created by Dr. Kight (Nutritional Injury-Specific Diagnostic Residency), maintained a working relationship with Dr. Kight as Kight’s advanced level practice approach to nutrition diagnostics was utilized to create the Cox College Dietetic Internship in 2006.

The Cox College MND/DI program is the only ACEND accredited program that has operationalized the Kight process (and nutrition diagnostics, in general) as a seamless educational model.  Under the guidance and leadership of the MND/DI director, the program uses the model in both the didactic and practice components of the program to lead the way in this emerging area of practice.  Kight’s process and modeling theory are integrated in the MND/DI curriculum in greater depth and breadth than was possible in the DI.

The MND/DI director has the experience and academic background to provide the leadership required to direct the program.  She is a primary instructor in the program and has mentored didactic and clinical faculty in utilization of the Kight process and modeling.  She is currently working on a doctorate in Instructural Leadership.


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