Nutritional diagnosing (Kight) is evidence-based ruling out and ruling in of nutritional health related problems that RDs are uniquely qualified to identify and process.

Nutritional diagnosing:

  • allows the study of nutritional problems and their causes
  • allows us to diagnose nutritional health problems, utilizing nutrition/dietetic-specific human condition codes (a scientifically standardized language and classification system) that give direction for classifying treatments provided – i.e. describe nutritional diagnosis(es) and etiology(ies)
  • provides a framework for use of a Nutrition Focused Physical Exam to identify physical signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies (or excesses)

The Nutrition Diagnostic concentration is designed to meet the following competencies:

  • Consider the interrelationships of nutrition with biochemical, physiological and anatomical changes associated with acute, chronic, and terminal illness to determine nutrition diagnoses & etiologies, macro/micronutrient needs and formulate appropriate medical nutrition therapy plans utilizing Kight’s NCP, the 5 axes of evidence & Nutriokinetic/Nutriodynamic modeling.
  • Utilize assessment techniques (including NPE, body composition/ changes, ADLs as appropriate) to evaluate physiologic, pathophysiologic, and functional status to determine nutritional status of patients across a myriad of settings.
  • Perform Nutrition Focused Physical Exam (NPE) to assess nutritional status and identify:


a)    protein calorie malnutrition b)   micronutrient based lesions