Cox College’s programs are the gateway to your education’s future.

Cox College is proud to offer a variety of program departments with more than 100 blended courses for health care professionals planning to start or advance their education. View our four program departments below to get more information and learn which degrees are offered in each one.


Undergraduate Nursing

Cox College’s flagship nursing curriculum prepares students for the complex decision-making skills and ethical values nursing professionals must possess in today’s health care landscape.

Cox College offers three nursing degrees:

• Associate of Science in Nursing
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
• RN to BSN

Young female patient smiling at radiologist while going through CT scan test

Radiologic Sciences and Imaging (RSI)

Cox College’s Radiologic Sciences / Diagnostic Imaging Program is designed to provide students with a quality educational environment that promotes professionalism, effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, and imaging skill set within the areas of Diagnostic Imaging.

Cox College offers two RSI degrees that can be customized to suit unique field concentrations:

• Associate of Science in Radiography
• Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Imaging (BSDI)


Medical Assisting

Cox College’s Medical Assisting program is designed to provide students a quality educational environment that promotes professionalism, effective communication, critical thinking and specific skill sets within the chosen areas of study. The Medical Assisting department encourages students to become active learners through a variety of learning experiences.

Cox College currently offers one degree through this department:

•  Associate of Science in Medical Assisting


Interprofessional Research and Graduate Studies

Cox College offers competitive interprofessional research and graduate studies degrees which enable students to supplement their overall learning experience and/or maximize their health care education at a master’s level and beyond. This program reinforces the Cox College commitment to providing excellence in health care education at all stages of a professional’s career path.

Cox College offers these options:

Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nutrition Diagnostics
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT)
Nutrition Diagnostics Dietetic Internship

Continuing Education and Life Support Courses

Cox College also offers a variety of courses for those on all types of paths, including Continuing Education and Life Support courses.