Cox College students receive a wide range of supervised practice experiences.  We believe in fostering relationships with our preceptors and personnel at supervised practice facilities that promote open feedback as a way to continuously improve the rotation experiences. Many of our preceptors are former Cox College students giving them a unique understanding of our program.  Examples of rotation experiences are described below.

Cox_South_originalClinical Experiences

Cox College’s relationship with CoxHealth Systems creates a unique opportunity for collaboration with clinical preceptors, which is foundational in our program.  The inpatient clinical experiences are divided between Cox South Hospital and Meyer Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital in Springfield, MO and Cox Branson in Branson, MO.  The outpatient clinical rotations include CoxHealth’s Center for Health Improvement in Springfield, MO and the Veteran’s Affair clinics in Mount Vernon and Branson, MO.

Community Experiences

Community supervised practice rotations include a wide variety of facilities throughout the Springfield area.  Rotations include experiences with retail dietitians at Hy-vee and Price Cutter grocery stores, WIC nutrition, local community health center nutrition, CoxHealth Wellness counseling, private practice outpatient nutrition counseling, and long-term care/rehabilitation nutrition Cox_Branson_originalconsulting.

Additional community experiences will be provided outside of those rotations required for a course and include Hy-vee’s Fast, Fresh, and Delicious cooking school food demos; Bright Sky private practice experience; KGBX Women’s Show food demo; National Nutrition Month recipe preparation and booth collaboration.

Foodservice and Clinical Management Experiences

CoxHealth systems and Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO provide the foodservice and clinical management supervised practice experiences.