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Office locations: Cox College rooms 427 and 428
The college IT staff can be contacted at 417-269-3854 or by email at


Student Computer Labs

Cox College has three computer labs for general student use with networked workstations. All computers feature Microsoft Office, Internet connectivity and access to CoxHealth library online research materials. The computer labs may be used for projects, research, word processing, web mail and multimedia presentation software are available for student use.


Cox College Classrooms

All classrooms feature an instructor PC, DVD/VCR, LCD projector, remote keyboard, remote presentation mouse and Internet access to allow multimedia instruction. Some classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards to augment instruction.  In addition, most classrooms have connections available for presentation laptops.  Wireless internet is provided for both faculty and students throughout the facility. Cox College continually seeks innovative ways to integrate new technology into instruction.


Student ID, Password, and Email

Each current student is given a user ID, password, email account, and network drive storage. Students are expected to adhere to the computer use guidelines specified in the Student Handbook.

“Technology in education; A branch of knowledge based on the development and implementation of computers, software, and other technical tools, and the assessment and evaluation of students’ educational outcomes resulting from their use of technology tools”