Imagine your first day on the job in your chosen healthcare profession…Sure, you may be a little nervous but you are confident in your skills because you have practiced real-life situations in the Cox College Simulation Center!

The goal of Cox College is to create an environment more like the setting in which students will actually work and where simulation will bring realistic scenarios alive. The Institute of Medicine recommends that all healthcare members be educated to interact effectively, efficiently, and professionally to provide patient-centered care. Cox College embraces this philosophy as they continue to develop and expand the Simulation Center (SC). The SC consists of the Virtual Hospital, Simulation Lab, and Skills Lab. In the SC, students experience teamwork, collaboration and conflict resolution that is so vital in today’s healthcare system. The SC offers many “real-life” situations and environments where students of various healthcare disciplines have the opportunity to interact and engage in collaborative practice as well as develop effective communication.


Benefits of Simulation:

  • allow students to practice skills necessary for safe patient care in a non-threatening environment.
  • enhances knowledge
  • facilitates skill acquisition
  • promotes clinical judgment
  • decreases student anxiety
  • bridges theory and knowledge to clinical practice in a safe environment
  • improves confidence
  • develops critical and cognitive thinking
  • increases student satisfaction


Simulation Center Provides:

  • Virtual Hospital
    • with a 28-bed capacity
    • centralized clerical desk area
    • blood draw stations
    • supply and exam rooms


  • Simulation Lab
    • patient rooms fully equipped with functioning support such as suction, oxygen, code blue button and even the patient call light
    • life-size computerized manikins (Adult, Birthing Mom/baby, Child, Infant) that replicate not only human appearance but also respond to human interventions


  • Skills Lab
    • offers a safe, learning environment for students to practice the skills necessary to provide safe, quality care after graduation


The Cox College Simulation Center is a wonderful teaching tool that can support a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. In addition to use by Cox College students and faculty, this interprofessional center will be utilized by the entire CoxHealth System, as well as by hospital staff from the community for team training and certifications.