Academic Year 2017/18 Tuition and Fees.



Certificate Tuition $225.00 per credit hours
Associate of Science in Radiology Tuition $350.00 per credit hour
Associate and General Education Tuition $400.00 per credit hour
Associate in Nursing Tuition $425.00 per credit hour
Bachelor Tuition $410.00 per credit hour
Graduate Tuition $600.00 per credit hour


Application $50.00
Acceptance/Drug Test/Criminal Background $175.00
Student Services Fees $50.00/Credit Hour
 Graduation Fees
     Undergrad $125.00
     Graduate $150.00
SGA Fee $10.00
Lab Fee $150.00
Technology Fee $150.00 per semester
Transfer Evaluation (Program Courses) $50.00
 Fitness Center Fee $25.00 per semester

Other Fees

HESI A2  $100.00
Nursing  Testing Fee  $165.00
Past   Due Balance $50.00
TEAS $100.00
ACE   Exam $100.00
Return   Check Fee $25.00
Parking   fine $25.00
Official   Transcript $15.00
Typhon Fee (MSN & MSOT) $90.00

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Download the 2015-16 tuition and fees

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