The Cox College MND/DI programs is participating in the Spring 2017 second round match for dietetic internships.  Please carefully review our website to determine your interest and suitability for our program.  If you are interested, submit your application to our program via DICAS, as well as complete the Cox College application to the graduate department.  The college application can be completed electronically.  If you have specific questions that have not been addressed in these pages, please email  Phone calls will not be taken during this time.   The process is very fast paced and we will be making efforts to contact you, and ultimately interview you, if we believe you are a suitable candidate.  We will need to have a reliable phone number and email address.  If that information is different than what is on your DICAS application, please let us know.  It is recommended that you are particularly attentive to both of these methods of communication during this time.  If we are unable to contact you, we may move on to other applicants. Thanks for your interest in our program and good luck!

Dear Prospective Graduate Student/Intern,

Thank you for your interest in the Cox College combined Master of Science in Nutrition Diagnostics and Dietetic Internship Program! The Dietetic Internship originated in 2006 utilizing an advanced practice approach to nutrition diagnostics. The addition of the master’s program adds the coursework and advanced supervised practice work to meet the demands of future practice roles identified by the AND Phase 2 Future Practice and Education Task Force. The combined Master’s in Nutrition Diagnostics/Dietetic Internship provides the advanced education that will support specialty and advanced practice as defined by the Council on Future Practice in their 2011 Visioning Report. This program is designed to advance practice in nutrition diagnostics by providing both the didactic and supervised practice components to support advanced application of diagnostics skills and is truly an “innovative quality education model” supporting the recommendations of the Task Force. Our program’s unique concentration in nutrition diagnostics, along with the graduate program in this area provides future RDs with additional practice skills necessary to be better prepared to meet the emerging trends and priorities within the dietetics profession.

This web site includes a program overview and specific information describing the curriculum, rotation sites, estimated costs, how to apply, the selection process, FAQs, as well as comments from former students. We are proud of our program and graduates! I invite you to thoroughly investigate our site and let me know how I can further assist you in learning about our program. If you have additional questions after viewing the web site, please contact me at 417-269-3040 or at


Kristen Williams, MS, RD, LD
MND/DI Director
Associate Professor