Programs Overview

Cox College offers competitive interprofessional research and graduate studies degrees which enable students to supplement their overall learning experience and/or maximize their health care education at a master’s level and beyond. We are committed to providing excellence in health care education at all stages of a professional’s career path.


Undergraduate Nursing

Our Undergraduate Nursing program prepares students for the complex decision making skills and ethical values nursing professionals must possess in today’s health care landscape.


Graduate Nursing

The Graduate Nursing programs further prepares registered nurses who have professional knowledge and experience in leadership, advanced practice and education. The programs build upon a foundational baccalaureate education by providing opportunities for professionals to develop expertise in the role family nurse practitioner (FNP), and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP).


Radiologic Sciences & Imaging

Our Radiologic Sciences / Diagnostic Imaging Program is designed to provide students with a quality educational environment that promotes professionalism, effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, and imaging skill set within the areas of Diagnostic Imaging.


Occupational Therapy

This program places students first while fostering clinical and experiential reasoning that is informed by scholarship and service in interdisciplinary and multicultural settings to meet the demands of local and global societies.


Nutrition Diagnostics

The Nutrition Diagnostics Department offers two tracks with a concentration in nutrition diagnostics that are designed to meet the eligibility requirements for the registration examination for dietitians. Nutrition diagnostics is an integrative, person-centered approach that allows for comprehensive assessment and treatment of nutrition-related health problems.