DAISY Award Nominee – Ashley Payne

The DAISY Award for an Extraordinary Nursing Student is given to a student who exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond expectations. This semester, seven students were nominated for this award by faculty or by their peers.

Ashley Payne, graduating student, was nominated by a peer: 

Ashley Payne is a student in my cohort. She is dedicated to not only being successful, but bringing her fellow students along with her. She thrives on supporting others. I had a baby during our fourth semester, and while being pregnant in school is scary, so is realizing you have too-few people in your life to help. Ashley Payne would get up at 5 am and watch my newborn for me to make it to my clinical on time. This kind of behavior shows me that she is not only smart, but she is thoughtful enough to go out of her way to support the success of those around her. She has taken time out of her day to tutor fellow students to help them improve, including students in other cohorts. 

During clinical together, Ashley shows intellect, while still having compassion for her patients. In one specific situation, she had a patient who had to have surgery. She calmly comforted the patient, knowing that he did not like the idea of being put to sleep. During their whole time together, she answered questions, held his hand if he asked and walked with him to ease his stress. She worked hard to keep him comfortable and that was what that patient needed at the moment. She is a great leader, supportive and caring. Ashley will be an amazing nurse one day as it shows in her behaviors as a student.