DAISY Award Nominee – Ashley Valentine

The DAISY Award for an Extraordinary Nursing Student is given to a student who exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond expectations. This semester, seven students were nominated for this award by faculty or by their peers.

Ashley Valentine was nominated by a peer: 

Ashley Valentine consistently proves to be a gentle, kind and compassionate soul. She is the type of nurse you always hope to get if ever you find yourself hospitalized or in a long term care setting. She is currently an LPN working on her RN and strives for excellence in all aspects of her education. When she isn’t working, she is consistently staying on top of her studies in school, never doing the bare minimum to squeak by. She spends countless hours studying to further prepare her to be the best RN possible. She shows genuine care and concern for her classmates and invests time into helping others perform well in school as well. On the clinical floor, she treats patients with respect and kindness while performing any of her tasks with relative ease. This is likely because she dedicates so much time to practicing the many skills she has learned while at Cox College. Ashley is the type of student others can look to for help or for a kind, gentle word. She never toots her own horn, instead she quietly goes about doing the best she can in every aspect of her education, clinicals and personal life. I hope I will grow up to be an amazing nurse as I know Ashley already is and will be once she finishes this part of her journey as well.