DAISY Award Nominee – Camron Dykes

The DAISY Award for an Extraordinary Nursing Student is given to a student who exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond expectations. This semester, seven students were nominated for this award by faculty or by their peers.

Camron Dykes was nominated by a faculty member:

I’ve had the pleasure to have Camron in two clinical rotations: Pediatrics and now Med-Surg II.  Camron goes out of his way to establish rapport with his patients and their family members.  This past week, Camron provided care for a patient who had several serious health issues; he stayed with the patient until he assisted in transferring him to Step Down.  The family was so thankful for Camron’s care and kindness that they didn’t want to transfer!  Camron took the time to explain things to the patient in a way that he and his family could understand.  I was so proud of the care he provided for this very ill gentleman.

Camron also consistently takes the time to help the other students on his team, and does so in a way that doesn’t seem condescending.  For example, Camron has had a lot of experience with interpreting EKG rhythms.  He has offered to help others in his clinical group, giving them tips and pointers.  He is patient and encouraging when others struggle with skills or concepts.

I believe that Camron deserves recognition as an exemplary student who will go on to do great things in the health care field.