DAISY Award Nominee – Shaney Dowling

The DAISY Award for an Extraordinary Nursing Student is given to a student who exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond expectations. This semester, seven students were nominated for this award by faculty or by their peers.

Shaney Dowling was nominated by a faculty member and a CoxHealth nurse:

Shaney Dowling was participating in clinicals and joined the health care team to care for a 4-year-old.  The child and her family spoke only Spanish as this was their primary language.  Shaney learned the languages of Spanish and English together as a child, so was able to communicate with the child and family.  She assisted in translating for multiple physicians and staff members for seven of the eight hours she attended clinical. She assisted in patient care, attended and provided support through procedures, and provided education and explanation of specialist information to the patient’s family. The physicians and family expressed sincere appreciation for the care and service Shaney provided during the patient’s stay. A letter of Partnership accommodation was written by Dr. S. with a personal statement to this clinical professor of her positive impression of the quality Shaney’s character. The staff nurse caring for the child and family also completed a “Partners Spirit” card in her appreciation of Shaney’s assistance.

Shaney was very humble and commented that she did not feel she had done enough, but according to the family and the entire health care team caring for this family, she went above and beyond in her assistance to provide care in this case.  We are very proud of Shaney and know that she will continue to be a valuable asset to the profession of nursing.

Interestingly enough, one of Shaney’s peers assisted in the care of this patient and family earlier in the day and Shaney assumed the role when the peer finished clinical for the day.  What an amazing opportunity for these two students and they excelled in the challenge – we are very proud of both of them.