DAISY Award Nominee – Tou Xiong

The DAISY Award for an Extraordinary Nursing Student is given to a student who exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond expectations. This semester, seven students were nominated for this award by faculty or by their peers.

Tou Xiong was nominated by a faculty member: 

Tou Xiong is a BSN Accelerated student.  Tou was completing his community health clinical hours when this incident happened.  Tou is an excellent student, he is soft spoken, compassionate, and dedicated to learning as much as possible.  He is also very committed to his responsibilities as the story which follows indicates.  I received the e-mail which follows from a nurse on September 26, 2018.  (Tou drives each day from Seneca to class and clinical).

“Today Tou [and some classmates] came to Summit Intermediate to complete their community clinical hours by assisting my nurse and I with hearing screenings. While making the one-hour drive to Nixa from his home, Tou was involved in a head on collision on James River expressway. He miraculously only sustained some bruises and abrasions. Despite totaling his vehicle, he had his brother pick him up at the auto shop that towed his car (far north side of Springfield) and rather than returning home, Tou had his brother drive him to Summit Intermediate where he finished the day completing hearing screenings for the students. I am writing you so that you can ensure Tou receives due recognition for his commitment to his classmates, this program, and the students that received the hearing screening.”