Honoring our Veterans

In honor of Veteran’s week, Cox College would like to recognize all of our students who currently serve or served in the military. We cannot thank you enough for your service and protecting our freedoms!


Lucas Bryant
Madeline Burnett
Summer Caulwell
Jonathon Cron
William Cunnyngham
Jordyn Custer
Hanna Dulier
Joanna Ellis
Jessica Graff
Jeremy Gustafson
Bradley Heitman
Chester Heitman
Kathy Hofer
Mary O’Dell
Samalyse Santos
Shelby Snow
Adam Sova
Stephanie Tate
Shelby Weaver 
Derek Williams

Staff and Faculty: (see photo above)

Toby Osborn (Air Force)
Tina Toles (Navy)
Michelle Buchmann (Army)
Michael Lynch (Navy)