The Road to Cox College

Story by Lorraine Frazier 

This decision to return to school was not taken lightly by Brad and Laurie Ermey.  Constrained by debt, but dreaming of attending nursing school together, the Ermey’s set out on a 4-year plan to save money as over-the-road drivers with Prime Trucking.

“I’ve had a lot of medical experience in my background, and that’s really what has driven me to pursue a career in nursing,” explained Laurie.  “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years.”  Brad and Laurie are not from Springfield, Missouri, but had passed through many times during their time with Prime.  Considering schools from Texas to Alaska, the Ermey’s chose Cox College because of exceptional NCLEX pass rates and powerful testimonials from other students.

Laurie credits the quality and willingness of faculty and other students as the thing that really sets Cox College apart. “We all help each other together, we all work together. Everybody is so willing to bend over backwards to help YOU succeed.”

Brad and Laurie Ermey’s partnership embody the Cox College Core Value of Nothing is Impossible, which states that, “We believe in working together, taking reasonable risks, and daring to change so that the impossible becomes possible.”  For the Ermey’s, the road led them to Cox College, but their partnership and dedication is sure to be the catalyst for their success long after their time here.