Human Research Protection Committee

Cox College/CoxHealth Human Research Protection Committee (HRPC)

The Human Research Protection Committee is a collaborative group formed to meet the needs of unfunded researchers who want to involve human participants in their research projects. These research projects will involve no or minimal risk to participants as determined by the committee. Unfunded researchers whom the Committee serves may include students, faculty, residents, healthcare practitioners, and others both within the Cox College and CoxHealth communities and beyond.

A secondary purpose of this Committee, therefore, is to provide education regarding the history and current practice of human research protection. The Committee will consider research projects that qualify for exempt or expedited status as evidenced by the application forms provided. Committee recommendations for approval are forwarded to Dr. James Ceaser, the Institutional Official, for final approval.

Committee Structure

The committee is led by three Co-chairs representing Cox College, the CoxHealth Family Medicine Residency Program, and the CoxHealth Pharmacy Residency Program. Members are a diverse group representing the three entities mentioned plus the CoxHealth System Director of Nursing Education, the CoxHealth Administrative Director of Clinical Research, and an unaffiliated representative of the community. Each member has an interest in and has received training on human research protection.


Researchers will submit applications for either exempt or expedited status. The forms on this website explain what kind of research qualifies for each category. Application forms may be downloaded by the researcher. A study that involves greater than minimal risk would require the full Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. An example of this sort of study would be a study testing a new chemotherapy protocol or surgical device. These studies must be submitted through CoxHealth to the Western IRB (WIRB).

The researcher should submit the appropriate form and all attachments to the Human Research Protection Committee at The Committee may approve, ask for more information or revision, or send it back to the researcher for submission to the WIRB. Upon approval, the Committee’s decision will be submitted to Dr. James Ceaser, the Institutional Official, for final approval. The researcher will be notified of all decisions as soon as possible.

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