Institutional Effectiveness

Cox College is dedicated to institutional effectiveness.

At Cox College, assessment of student learning is a priority. As educators of the next generation of healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to demonstrate to students and their future employers that we are providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful. It is incumbent upon us to collect meaningful and relevant data and then use that data to continuously improve the academic programs at Cox College. As demonstrated in the model below, improvement is a continuous process at both college-wide and programmatic levels.

General Education Assessment

The General Education Program at Cox College is designed to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their capacity for intellectual inquiry and discovery, critical reasoning, and effective communication. These abilities are essential to assisting all students to become lifelong learners and provides them when the opportunity to be successful in their chosen fields. The goal of General Education assessment is to measure student learning outcomes for general education so continuous improvements to student learning can be made.

Cox College focuses on seven General Education Learning Outcomes. These outcomes are embedded at the course level. The faculty, in consultation with their respective program chair, have tied various outcomes to assignments in each course. Generally there are one to three assignments or activities per course that measure a designated General Education Learning Outcome. The assessment process is coordinated by the Institutional Effectiveness and Curriculum Council. Assessments and grading is conducted by course faculty via rubrics in Canvas, the Learning Management System. Using Canvas, Cox College collects assessment data each semester and shares with the department chairs, who, in collaboration with their faculty will analyze the data and make curricular modifications when necessary. Each academic program at Cox College has a schedule for assessment of General Education Learning Outcomes, which can be found on their respective assessment pages.


Cox College General Education Learning Outcomes

  • Students will communicate effectively in written and oral forms
  • Students will think critically, using analytical logical reasoning
  • Students will utilize scientific inquiry
  • Students will read with comprehension
  • Students will demonstrate intellectual awareness of societal functions and responsibilities
  • Students will consider philosophical and/or ethical perspectives
  • Students will value learning as a lifelong process

General education outcomes can be found here.


Programmatic Assessment

Robust Programmatic Assessment has long been a hallmark of Cox College. This has become the foundation for what is becoming a strong General Education Assessment Process. Based on programmatic accreditation requirements, the faculty of each program have developed and continues to utilize ongoing assessment of programmatic outcomes for curricular improvements.


Retention, Persistence, and Graduation Rates

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First time licensure pass rates and completion rates

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