Student Resource Center (SRC)

The Student Resource Center (SRC) at Cox College provides support for students in academics and personal and social development. The SRC aids students in developing transition-to-college foundations such as study strategies, note-taking tips, test-taking proficiencies, time management skills, learning styles assessments, and relaxation techniques, as well as providing guidance in dealing with stress, anxiety, and personal concerns. All students are encouraged to use the support services available through the SRC and may suggest additional ideas or make comments via a suggestion box.

The Student Resource Center’s goal is to encourage success strategies for college and for life. Workshops and seminars on textbook reading, all stages of writing research papers and reports, and APA style may be offered each semester. An introductory course, CCPL 100-Promoting Learning and Ultimate Success, provides incoming students with the opportunity to become familiar with the campus and to develop their learning skills.


Time Management and Study Tips

The SRC is here to help you advance in your program as smoothly as possible. It's no secret that Cox College students are going to be busy. No matter what program you may be in, there's a lot to learn! It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, and you aren't alone.

When you have a lot on your plate, it's good to be cognizant of how you're using your time and effort. Developing time management skills can be a huge help in processing everything you need to accomplish for the day. Here is a list of some easy ways to get more organized and improve how you manage your time.

It's also well known that Cox College students will need to study in order to do well on exams. There are many ways to go about studying, but here are a few ideas for improving your study skills, and ultimately, those test scores.


Financial Management Tips

One of the most important life skills that applies to basically everyone is managing your money! It may take some time to build a budget that suits your lifestyle, but it's worth it to know how your money is being spent. We put together a list of resources to help you understand financial aid, how to make a budget, and other general personal finance advice. Improve your financial management here!

Available Forms

At the Student Resource Center, students and faculty will find many informational forms, including those listed as follows:

  • Student Employment forms
  • Early Warning/Early Intervention forms
  • Disability Accommodation forms

In addition, students can find information about Student Ambassadors, the Student Government Association, and other clubs and organizations.

To submit a form regarding academic assistance, safety & security concerns, or mental health, you can do so on our Behavioral Intervention Page.

About the Early Warning/Early Intervention Program

Cox College offers an Early Warning/Early Intervention Program. This program occurs during the first five (5) weeks of classes, during the fall and spring semesters. The Student Resource Center utilizes a proactive format to aid students needing additional study opportunities and resources.